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Welcome to Ukrainian restaurant "At Sisters"!

Welcome  to Ukrainian restaurant


Ukrainian folk kitchen, riches of its traditions and ceremonies of preparation of foods is all was incarnated in  the menu of domestic restaurant "At sisters".

It is situated in the center of Warsaw, on Zlota street, 63А. Only imagine: evening, there are behind all working problems, and it’s exactly time to enjoy the traditional Ukrainian kitchen- a tender  leaf lard with a garlic and seasonings, Ukrainian borsch with buns, cheerful natural kvass… Simply beauty! All labour week-days in a flash transform on holidays under act of magic of the Ukrainian restaurant "At Sisters" - in fact our kitchen – it’s  deliciously, and useful, and heartfelt.




       Mo - Fr
    12.00 - 16.00
      15 PLN!!!

Soup + main dish + drink.

- 19.50zl

The first course + main course.

- 18.00zl

W opór dobra wyżerka. Smaczne, zdrowe i dobrze strawne. Ładne wnętrze dobra zupa. Jednym słowek kiełbasa, zupa i kamienna kupa!


Serdecznie polecam. Jedzenie znakomite, atmosfera świetna, kelnerki bardzo miłe. Jestem ogromnie wdzięczny:)

Митин Александр

I think you already know me, where you can spend Friday night with the company. This is a wonderful and cozy place.